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Welcome to my humble homepage.

I am currently working as a Growth Hacker over at Pirate3D & this is my personal webspace on the Internet. I work on it on my leisure time fiddling around with new plugins & modules.

This is where I write/blog about things that fascinates me or I feel would be of interest & helpful to others like me.

I built my first webpage when I was 13, I could still remember it was because of & I wanted to customize my profile page. One thing led to another & I started falling in love with building websites & all things web.

I've graduated from NUS Business School few years back with probably the worst grade any business student can achieve & is running 2 other small scale startup concurrently.

I wouldn't refer to myself an "Entrepreneur" as it seems to have a heavy "social tag" placed on it.

The media has created a false imagery within the masses and everyone seems to think "Wow! I should be an entrepreneur! I can be like Mark Zuckerberg!". Until they became one. subsequently shit their pants. then bail. More on this on my blog post.

Rather, I'm just like any other normal college graduate, making ends meet in a different way & pay off my giant university tuition fee loan.

If you would like to get in touch, click on any of the social icons on the top right or leave a comment below. I don't bite & I reply to all.