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Some words to live by

So, I've been on this planet for 27 years, and it's been a long ride.

I was just thinking about some words various people I've came across in my life said that made an impact, stuck in my head and made future decisions easier.

Back in the army, I can't remember who the major big dude was, but I believe I was one of the many recruits standing in the sun and listening to him speak. The sun was scorching, I was sleepy, but these words rang through the microphone. It's funny how, everything else was a haze, and only the words stuck.

If not you, then who? If not now, then when?

And that was it, seize the opportunity when it presents itself to YOU, and work on it. It's never a good time for anything, and often, the best times is now.

Another moment in the army. I was already a 3rd Sergeant leading my men, and I was in the last stretch of the Standard Obstacle Course. Many had finished and was at the sidelines cheering the remaining guys.

I was panting and heaving like a fish out of water, stopped short a few hundred metres from the finishing line and started walking.

My OC(Officer in Command), Gilbert Foo, who was just metres away ran over and shouted in my ear.


Moment of truth slapped me in the face. I ran 700 metres, cleared 300 metres of obstacles, and I'm in the last hundred metres run to the finish.

Fuck no. I wasn't gonna give up. I remembered I just shouted NO SIR, and took off running. I can't remember if I passed that day, but I remembered to persevere. Tough times don't last, tough men do right?

The 3rd was when I had my first job after graduating from NUS Business School and started work in Angel's Gate. A local entrepreneurship TV show which aired on Channel News Asia.

I was faced with two solutions to a problem. I consulted one of the Directors, Alvin Zhang, and his advice stuck to this day.

Do what's right, not what's easy
Simple words. But it helped a ton whenever I was faced with options.

I hope whatever few readers who chance upon this post may take away something useful.

Stay cool.

Peace out.  
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