January 27, 2010 in Personal

FMyLife Singapore

In May 2009, while I was still a student schooling in NUS. I had the idea to create a FMyLife site for the Singapore Community.

However, since Singaporean students are generally(after much thought, i realise it was just me.) epic poor. I managed to CON-vince two good friends who'd actually forsake their money to contribute into my idea. Needed $ for the servers & base scripts, etc.

So.. with the S$150 I got from them & about a month of staring @ countless lines of codes , editing & customising, fml.sg is born!

It's a simple story but many hours behind it.

I would like to thank Kari Tamura & handsome boy Chee Seng, the two wonderful contributors, which without them, FML.SG wouldn't be possible.

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